Saturday, 26 October 2013

Miniature Nursery Roombox

The front is plexiglass surrounded by a frame that you can open and close, with a latch

The wee inside!
I made this Nursery Roombox last summer and took it to the show and sale in September and tried to sell it there, but alas there were no bites. Good thing I am so in love with it myself! I decided to list it on Etsy, and perhaps I will list it on ebay as well. In the spring I will be having a small show of my work at a local Art supply store. The owner of the store is very nice and she made this generous offer to me.

At the end of the end, I must remind myself that I make miniatures as a lovely pastime, and not to get too caught up in whether they sell or not. I hope this post finds all my lovely blogging friends well. We have had no snow here yet, which is rather unusual. There is snow in the forecast for Sunday though.

Signing off with many hugs,


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas....

Ha Ha! It's not even Halloween yet and I'm already talking about Christmas :P The great thing about having a blog is, you get to make up your own rules! Have I mentioned I'm really a Bossy Boots at heart?
Christmas in Canada usually means lots of snow, time to spend with family and friends, and enjoying Christmas traditions. My husband Mark and I always drive four hours south to visit both our families in Calgary, Alberta. I like to think I am getting a little more sensible about Christmas planning. I have realized that cramming in too many social obligations does not allow me to enjoy Christmas!
This is a youtube video of one of my favourite Christmas songs. It's a classic, sung by Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan. I think I may have posted it last Christmas, but many more of you have joined me on my blogging journey since then, so enjoy!

My special Christmas project is a Christmas Kitchen scene. I've been planning this scene since last Christmas! The baking items are almost all from my wonderful friend Jane, who writes the fabulous MiniFanaticus blog. I won her first giveaway last year. The gingerbread house is from Anna, who writes the blog It's the Little Things. I bought it from her Etsy shop. Anna is a lovely, generous miniaturist.
My talented, clever Dad built the wooden shadow box which I placed the scene in. I'm planning to wallpaper it with white wallpaper with tiny yellow flowers, but at the moment the wallpaper is residing under a heavy object, it has been rolled up so long it won't stay flat!
I have more food and accessories to add, and I have another Christmas project up my sleeve. Expect to be bombarded by more of my favourite Christmas music in the next couple months :) Enjoy the pics!


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