Blogging Tips

This is a collection of tutorials I have created for how to add features to your blog. I want to share this information with other bloggers because when I tried to add these features myself, for the most part I had to figure it out myself. The Blogger Help Centre is anything but helpful!

To allow your followers to subscribe to comments made regarding a post :

To Comment on a Post:

To enable threaded comments on your blog:

Don't be a No Reply:

How to increase traffic to your blog:

How to remove word verification and add comment authorization to your blog posts:

How to add social media icons to your blog:

I will continue to update this page, as I have many features I want to add to this blog, so keep checking back! But each tutorial will also appear as a blog post first.


  1. I had no idea about the word verification! I just removed it, thanks. These tips were very helpful.

  2. Hi Ruth.
    Great to hear from you again. Thank you for giving and help us with these opportunities.


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