Thursday, 20 June 2013


I have been designing miniature labels for toiletry items for what seems like forever :P (more like about two months).
Now I have all my templates and I've decided what I'm going to take to the show and sale.

I hope you enjoy my two latest creations:

The soaps are butterfly shaped :)

When I tell people I make miniatures they usually say "You must have so much patience!" or "I could never do that." They used to say pretty much the exact same thing when I worked with preschoolers!
I am a patient person, but that does not mean I don't have occasional hissy fits, this afternoon it was related to making miniature bows. But I'm getting better!

Hugs to all,

Tips to use social media to attract more customers to your business

I follow Eli Roses' blog, and it's full of savvy social media tips explaining how to make social media a powerful marketing tool. She also includes general blogging advice. Her most recent post is full of practical tips. You can read her blog post here.

I am thinking of starting a Facebook page for Miniature Maven Diaries. I often come across links that I would love to share, but lately I haven't  had much time for blogging.

The Edmonton Show and Sale is coming will be Sunday June 15. I think I will start my facebook page after the show and sale!

I have been working on a template for my card stock display boxes and I will write a post later in the day when they are ready to be listed on Etsy.

I'll be back soon!



Monday, 3 June 2013

I've got such a generous Dad!

I was delighted to see the shadowboxes that my Dad brought me from Calgary. There's only one in the picture since I was in a hurry and I shot the other picture at an angle :P

My Dad apologized for the state of the frame, saying I'd want to repaint it. I said I wouldn't repaint it, it's already shabby chic!

I've decided that I will do four shadow box scenes (this is in addition to the pioneer kitchen scene, and the small white shadowbox which will be a book nook) for the September Show and Sale.

I plan on doing a Wedding Scene, Beach Scene, Nursery Scene and Christmas Scene. I plan to sell customized shadowboxes to celebrate special times, such as a wedding, new baby or graduation. I will  print out business cards and give them out at the Show and Sale in September, and also sell them on Etsy.

I was thrilled when my Dad told me that he enjoys making shadowboxes and room boxes, and that he would like to make many more, but he doesn't plan to sell them himself. He'll give them to me to sell at a fair price, he only wants to recoup the cost of his building supplies!

I was stunned and touched by such a generous gesture, although it's not unlike my Dad. He has always been generous with his wife, three kids, and others.

I'm also very excited about this as a potential way to earn more money in miniature related stuff. I think I'll be able to sell most of them locally! Although I will have them in my Etsy Shop.

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Conny, my newest follower.

Must run!


The new issue of AIM magazine is here!

I've been waiting for ages for this issue :) Can't wait to read it, how about you? It's free to download, print or read online.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Updated Etsy Shop Settings

After some thought and looking at other Canadian Etsy shops that ship internationally, I changed my settings to indicate that I will sell and ship the smaller items internationally.

I have too many worries about shipping the items with a glass mirror. Any small business owner can get a special card from Canada post that will give you a discount at the post office, which means you will pay regular parcel and get expadited parcel, which includes insurance and a tracking number.

However, other Canadian Etsy shop owners have told me that Canada Post will not pay insurance on an item that has glass in it. How stinky of them :P

My Parents are coming to visit today and my Dad has made two shadow boxes for me, so I am very excited to see them.

Take Care Everyone,


Saturday, 1 June 2013

New Item in my Etsy shop

I've made this small soap with a silver soap dish and added it to my Etsy shop. Unfortunately I am now only shipping within Canada and the United States, due to the increase in postage.

I have been working away at my Pioneer Kitchen Scene but it is proving difficult to paint! I sanded it down, then ended up spraying it with a sealer in order to get the white paint to adhere. It should be ready for me to work on again soon.

Have a great day everyone!

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