Sunday, 9 March 2014

Miniature Nursery Shelf for my Sister

On January 21rst my beautiful niece Rose was born. We are all very crazy about her and believe her to be the most beautiful baby in the world. My sister requested an entire nursery scene and while it was an honor to receive that request, I regret that I am simply too busy these days!
I am still attending an intensive 18 week day program at the hospital but I only have 5 weeks to go before I graduate from the program. After that I will get back to blogging!
Here is a picture of the nursery shelf I made for my sister Claire. I was so pleased at how it turned out I think I will make a duplicate for my Etsy shop. What do my lovely followers think? Is this Nursery shelf something you could see yourself buying on Etsy? My followers are my focus group!

Notice the Starbucks Coffee cup on the top shelf. For my exhausted new mom sister!

Here is a picture of that dainty little lady Rose, my beautiful niece, who is six weeks old but wears a sleeper for a six month old baby because she is so big!

Everyone in our family is so in love with our sweet Rosebud, the latest edition to our family. 

I have really missed blogging and connecting with my blogging friends and can't wait to get back to it in about 5 weeks time. I'm planning to kick off my return to blogging in April with a giveaway! So watch out for that ;)

Til later my friends!

Love Ruth
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