Saturday, 14 June 2014

Rainbow cakes!

As promised, here are some pics of some of my mini baking adventures.

I love rainbow cakes! I think they are so cute.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I can't believe it's halfway through June! Summer is flying by, as usual.

These are some pretty items I purchased on Etsy for my dollhouse kitchen.


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Bought a house

A dollhouse that is! I've wanted to buy a 1:12 scale house for awhile, but I wanted it to be assembled. I enjoy decorating dollhouse interiors, not assembling dollhouses!

A couple of weeks ago I found this promising little property on kijiji. I'll decorate it fairly conventionally, a bit at a time, as I can afford to.

I know I promised everyone pictures of miniature baking. The final cake I was planning to include burned! I want to remake it sometime this week. Things have felt super busy lately since I started working as a part time nanny, taking care of twin baby girls who just turned three months old. I love my job, but it does wear me out some days. Here are some pictures of my new dollhouse.

That's all for today folks! Hope everyone is doing well.

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