Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tips on selling your miniatures at a craft show

I was having a quick browse through miniatures when this article caught my eye. We have a Miniatures Show and Sale coming up in Edmonton in September, and it has been on my mind lately! September may seem like along ways away, but the days sure have been zipping by, and I think most of my followers can relate to the feeling of not having the luxury of being able to devote every spare moment (or even a large amount of time) to minis. There are so many other demands on our time.

This article is from Be sure to scroll through the comments left by the miniatures community. They have shared some valuable tips!

Now I must dash as I have allowed myself an hour to devote to minis before moving onto less enticing tasks, such as housework :P

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  1. thanks for the tips :)


  2. Hello from Spain: thanks for sharing the tips. I will visit the link. Keep in touch

  3. Thanks for the link Ruth, I'm also doing a Danish website to sell minis, I got hold of a wholesaler, so now I just have to start. So it is well with some good ideas.

  4. Gracias por compartir el enlace.
    besitos ascension

  5. Hello Ruth! Thank you for the useful information regarding selling minis! I have bookmarked the link and will return to it soon as I will be doing just that at the local Miniature Club of British Columbia show and sale this June. I haven't done a show since the year 2000 and so this info is a good refresher for me. I enjoyed the post about your visit to the farm as well. My in-laws had a farm in Manitoba and told me stories about it many a time. How wonderful for you to retreat there when ever you are able. It is comforting to have something solid like that that remains unchanged.


    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Yes, it's lovely to have the farm to retreat to. I think I was about 5 the first time I went. It's very beautiful and serene. I've always lived in cities but I don't feel like a city person. I usually reply to comments by emailing people but was unable to do this with you because your blogger settings are set to "No Reply". If you'd like to learn more about what this is, click on the Blogging Tips Tab on the top of my blog.


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