Sunday, 7 October 2012

Miniature Breakfast Scene for my Mom

I have decided not to include pictures of my mom accepting her gift, since I have added all the social media buttons to my blog and want to respect the privacy of my friends and relatives.

Working on a miniature project is so calming. It is totally absorbing, and it distracts me from any niggling worries or everyday anxieties I have.

I really enjoyed making this miniature scene. I'm pleased that I was able to make it mostly with items I already had on hand. The chairs are part of a kitchen set I picked up at Antique Mall in the spring. The little table is from a $2 wooden living room set I picked up at the dollar store some months back.

The base is a picture frame, with the glass and backing removed. I inserted book board and glued a vintage linoleum print that I found on Joann Swanson's Blog. You can buy book board at specialty stationary shops, or you can cut up an old binder and use the board underneath the vinyl cover, which is what I did.

The only thing I had to go out and buy are the adorable breakfast plates. They came with the cups of coffee. There aren't any stores in my city that specifically cater to Dollhouse and Miniatures, but there is a store in St. Albert (a small city north of Edmonton) called Daisy's Dollhouse which carries a small selection. The owner specializes in wooden play scale,  (Barbie sized) dollhouses and accessories, but her daughter in law orders some 1:12 scale furniture and accessories for the store.

Don't worry, Michelle and Wyrna, I will be writing tutorials for both of you soon :) But today I must prepare for my parents' visit. They are driving up from Calgary, a city which is 4 hours away.


  1. Lovely brekafast scene! Great work!
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Hello from Spain: I love this breakfast scene. I really like your furniture and the colors you chose for this scene. Great job. Keep in touch

  3. Hello, Ruth!
    I love the breakfast scene you made for your Mom!
    I´m sure you made it with love!
    A lovely work!

  4. Great to see you've got time to do some miniature. It looks good. Thanks for your mail I write to you later.


  5. Very nice Ruth! I am sure your mum will love it!


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