Friday, 16 November 2012

Let's get ready for Christmas!

I have Josh Groban's Noel Album on my ipod and really like to listen to it around Christmas.
I don't have the energy to put together my Christmas scene or work on any of my miniature project right now, so I decided I would do a favorite things post.

The first item pictured is something I found on Etsy. The others are from

I found this adorable Christmas Pudding Gift Box in sarahmaloney's  Doll House Kitchen Etsy shop. 

A great addition to a Christmas Scene
A Christmas Martini!

This little guy captured my heart!
I'm looking forward to Christmas! I hope all my lovely followers are too!

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  1. we have the office decorated like crazy, my coworker is into all holidays especially Xmas (she's even playing xmas music...I think I might go postal)

    Marisa :)


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