Monday, 19 November 2012

Milk and Cookies for Santa

I've decided to post bits and pieces that will make up my Christmas room box and then post the whole room box as a grand finale. I have also amassed more Christmas minis than will fit in the room box I have designated for this project, so that's another reason why I've chosen this approach.

I think I will risk driving Marissa around the bend and include another Christmas song in this post! Don't worry, Marissa, this song isn't your typical Christmas song, it's just mellow and lovely, in my opinion.

Today I am including a picture of milk and cookies for Santa. There is also an apple for Rudolph and an adorable note. The milk and cookies are set on a table, which is from the library kit from Greenleaf. I bought it last spring and stained it in a dark mahogany color.

Many Hugs to all my lovely followers,


  1. Yes it is a good idea to be good friends with Santa Claus. Good little scene. Looking forward to see more.

  2. Hello from Spain: very nice scene. The music is pleasant. We keep in touch.

  3. it's so cute! no I wont go around the bend just because of a few xmas songs that eye twitch that you see is perfectly normal and so is that hysterical laughter :)



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