Monday, 18 February 2013

Back to where it all began

Almost a year ago, my husband Mark and I visited my Aunt Sheila (my Dad's baby sister) and her husband on their farm in Saskatchewan. Say Saskatchewan 3 times fast :) It's the province to the east of Alberta, where I live.

I've been visiting that farm since I was a child, and I love it. My husband loves it too. We go there as often as we can. Summer or Winter, it is very serene, peaceful and beautiful. This time it was a short visit, only 3 days. I find it comforting that things at the farm rarely change. And I always sleep so well when I am there, because it is so quiet at night and completely dark.

Last February, when we visited, I noticed my Aunt had some dollhouse books and asked her if she was a collector or had ever built a dollhouse. She said she had always wanted to build a dollhouse but had never had the time. This was not hard to believe! Being a farm wife is a lot of work. She always helps my uncle during harvest time. For years they also had a small herd of bison, and an abattoir on their property where they butchered the animals themselves, and packaged the meat to be sold.

When I was a child I remember she had a huge garden, the size of a children's playground. She was always canning fruits and vegetables and taking care of her three boys. Last winter when I asked her about miniatures she pulled a dusty box out of the attic and we had fun going through it together. She has been collecting for years. since her youngest son was born. She had some doubles, so I boldly asked if I could have the extras! Because she has such a generous heart, she said yes. As soon as we arrived back home, I was on the computer, searching for blogs, finding the Miniature Enthusiasts Club of Edmonton, and that, my friends, is how it all began.

When we decided to go back and visit this past weekend, I wanted to give her a treat. She is "setting up mini house" in a glass cabinet and I brought as many printies as I could fit in my bag! We worked together happily, taked about miniatures and what a great hobby it is, and made miniature books and plates that she is delighted with. I promised everyone some pictures so here they are. I think I will update my profile picture too. I wanted to get a good picture of my husband and I, but we didn't have time before we left this morning, he was so eager to get back to the city. The one picture I snapped of him is endearing, we were also in a huge rush when we left, because he had to work on Saturday morning and forgot to put on his regular glasses so he wore his safety glasses all weekend! I think he is one big cutie though.

My Aunt and I are making Tiny Plates and Books!

We're eating at the local restaurant

My Aunt and I. Aren't we cute?

The very traditional, extremely yummy meal we were served at the Restaurant.

My cute Hubby. Aka The Hubs

My Uncle loves to tease me!

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing some personal pictures! Until next time!



  1. Great looking family ;) I hope is was a fun visit !

  2. It sounds like a lovely family you have. Great for you that you can gather about your passion for dollhouses. Yes and you sleep just better when you're out in the country, I do to when I'm in our cottage.


  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. You will probably hate me for saying this lol but you look sooo young :))) It is so lovely to have someone to share your passion with.
    Hugs Maria

  4. I can't imagine how much work a farm would be. Your Aunt looks so sweet! You do look so young. You hit the gene jackpot! LOL! Or is it all those fabulous tricks and recipes for beauty regiments you post about. I wanna know what you are using! :D

  5. it sounds like you had a wonderful time and is that turkey and dressing !?!?!

    Marisa :)

  6. How wonderful!!! Interestingly enough, the company I work for is headquartered in Saskatoon. :D

    1. Really! Do you mind telling me who you work for otternine? I love Saskatchewan! It does get colder in the winters and hotter in the summers than Alberta, and it's actually drier, my poor skin!!
      But the lakes in Northern Saskatchewan are very beautiful, and the wide prairie sky, well, words would not do it Justice.

  7. Tienes una familia ancantadora y me alegra que compartais la aficiĆ³n por las miniaturas.
    Unas fotos muy entraƱables!!!!
    Besitooos y feliz semana.

  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Please tell your Aunt to start on that house so you can share the pictures, that would be so fun.


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