Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What I have been up to lately

I have been a busy bee, a busy distracted bee trying to focus and get things done!
Yesterday I painted the roof for my nursery room box. I hope I painted the right side :P I am going to the miniatures club meeting tonight because it is a chance for us to all charge ahead and try and get as much work done on our room boxes as we can. I painted the roof and tonight will take the tiles to the mini group and sit next to someone who has tiled a roof before, since I have not.

I have been busy making things for my Etsy shop, and learning how to take better pictures, I will write a tutorial on how to take pictures, I promise, but just now I have lots of things things to cross off my to do list.

There is non mini life that needs attending to, like a house that needs a spring clean. It has warmed up to -4 degrees Celsius here, so it feels like spring. I'm not joking! I have been leaving the windows open because it was -30 for a week, and when you stay inside for so much of the winter, with the heat turned up and the windows closed, when it warms up a little, we are all happier and all open our windows to let some fresh air in.

I was having a Skype Date with a friend, and lost track of time, and promised Marissa that I would post these pictures today, so I hope you get a chance to look at these pics my dear Marissa.

I have included many items that Wyrna sent me before Christmas...can you recognize them Wyrna?
A close up of the nursery, I still need to add some things on the shelves (Printies!)


  1. looks very beauty! i m waiting for the rest!hugs!

  2. It looks amazing ;) I do love the little books.

  3. Yes I know the furniture and nice that you can use them. Have you made ​​room box yourself? Nice that you are busy with your Etsy shop.

  4. Hello from Spain, I like very much youR nursery room. IT iis very cute. I need learn to take good pics. Keep in touch

  5. Your nursery is adorable!
    Bye Faby

  6. The nursery is looking fabulous!


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