Sunday, 2 June 2013

Updated Etsy Shop Settings

After some thought and looking at other Canadian Etsy shops that ship internationally, I changed my settings to indicate that I will sell and ship the smaller items internationally.

I have too many worries about shipping the items with a glass mirror. Any small business owner can get a special card from Canada post that will give you a discount at the post office, which means you will pay regular parcel and get expadited parcel, which includes insurance and a tracking number.

However, other Canadian Etsy shop owners have told me that Canada Post will not pay insurance on an item that has glass in it. How stinky of them :P

My Parents are coming to visit today and my Dad has made two shadow boxes for me, so I am very excited to see them.

Take Care Everyone,



  1. I am hating the cost of mail nowadays, I do think its a bit of them shooting themselves in the foot, when I mail a item that weighs as much as a grape and it costs almost 4 bucks..

    I start thinking about using other services ;/

  2. Any other services in Canada are MORE expensive, and I don't know of any small business that uses them, just the bigger businesses.
    At least there are alternatives I guess. Go ahead, take your business elsewhere :)
    Who knows how this whole postal increase will go, we just have to wait and see.

  3. It's terrible in the U.S. too. I don't think they want us to ship internationally! It's just too darn expensive. Sorry you're having similar problems. xo Jennifer

  4. Thanks for the help, I have gone in to your link.

    Interesting to see what your dad have for you. You must show it.


    1. I will show it as soon as I can, Wyrna, along with several other pieces of good news


  5. I actually removed the costs for international shipping on my listings, because I was having to pay a lot more than I was charging and therefore making next to no money on the items after etsy and paypal fees. It's now $6.55 to send a small package to Europe from the U.S. and that doesn't even have a tracking number. I'm still willing to ship internationally, but it has to be weighed and calculated before I can tell the person what the charges will be.

  6. Not to keep repeating it (I've said this a couple of times to different people), but it costs 9.00 to send a small package to Europe in Canada :P

  7. I agree with Jennifer. I think something has been going on for the past 2 years. It's like someone decided that international shipping would have to stop. On top of that the Europe postal service is incredibly slow with customs and charges extra charges for extra taxes and usually twice. I think they want people to only buy in their home countries. It's really sad! I have people contact me to find out what the shipping costs will be abroad. There's no guessing. For the US I'm now using FedEx. I joined the online account which gives a discount and the price is the same as USPS parcel.
    It's so complicated! And next they want us to charge taxes!!! Yikes!
    Have a fantastic week and have fun with your new roomboxes.

  8. Thanks Caroline!
    Good luck with FedEx :)


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