Thursday, 14 June 2012

Father's Day Card

Finally got this completed and mailed off to Dad yesterday. When he gets it I will finally give my blog address to him and mum. Although...I realized yesterday I will have to become evermore stealthy as time goes on. Since many people who follow my blog are friends and family and I will continue giving homemade cards, gift baskets and eventually miniature scenes (mini kitchen, garden or sewing scenes for example) I'll just have to wait until people receive their gifts before posting pics on the blog.
I have already confided to some of you that Someday....(cue the music) tee hee. See, I can amuse myself with just a virtual audience, or in all honesty, no audience. But I digress. When I become a mom I would like to run a small business creating gift baskets for special occasions. If you look at the second post you'll see an example of what such a basket would look like. And since I'm now into making my own cards, I could do that as well, selling them separately or as part of a gift basket, or perhaps both. I would keep the business small and local. I don't want to get into shipping homemade cosmetics. I would need at least one other person to help out. I'd probably recruit another mom.

I chose to include a printie of the cover of one of Dad's favorite books, a mini shirt and tie which a ordered from an online miniature store, and two printies of vintage Irish children, since my Dad's Irish Heritage is very important to him. I found myself fussing over the details (my crafts basket ate my fine tipped pen that I wanted to use for the inside of the card!) but tried to relax and get it in the mail, which I eventually did.

Post encouraging comments if you think this is a good idea!

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