Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I can assemble and decorate a dollhouse kit super quick!

Nah! Just joshin'. Actually this cute little dollhouse came to me thanks to the generosity of my friend Pat who I met at the miniaturist Club. Us cool people call it the mini club. That's what I will be calling it from now on :P I'll try to explain how Pat came into possession of many dollhouses as succinctly as possibly, the story does have some twists and turns.

A while back a woman posted an ad on kijiji that she had a lot of dollhouse and miniature items for sale. I didn't check this out because I couldn't afford to buy anything. When I went to the first mini meeting Pat told the group about going out to the woman's house in Springhills (I'm not even exactly sure where that is, a small town near Edmonton) and seeing an incredible amount of dollhouse furniture, accessories, completed dollhouses, and unfinished dollhouse kits. Apparently this woman, whose name is Amber, has a husband who had bought all of this stuff sight unseen. The details are still vague. We don't know if it was bought from a storage facility, estate sale or what.

Any woman who is seriously is love with dollhouses and miniatures would have been in heaven if her husband had done such a thing. But Amber was just overwhelmed, unsure of what to charge, and eventually got tired of people constantly coming over to her home to pick through the huge amount of things that she had. So Pat decided to make her an offer her a set price for what remained (still a considerable amount of stuff, even though many people from the mini group had gone and bought as much as they could afford).

Pat can now keep what she wants, set aside items for friends so they can buy items directly from her, and rent two tables at the club's annual show and sale to sell off the rest of the stuff. She has decided to find loving homes for the assembled and decorated dollhouses. I am a grateful recipient of such a dollhouse.

I would have chosen a different color scheme for the exterior, but on the whole I am very pleased with my very first dollhouse. It will be fairly easy to furnish.

We originally thought this was a Greenleaf Dollhouse, but upon closer inspection, I've concluded it's actually produced by the Company Real Good Toys. Real Good Toys Kits are quite expensive because they're very high quality dollhouses. They have a line of houses called Lilyput. These houses are smaller, the doors don't open, but they're awfully cute and I'm happy to own one!


The inside of the dollhouse, partially furnished. It's very well done. I'm really happy to have a dollhouse I didn't have to wallpaper myself! Yes, they have special wallpapers for dollhouses, and you have to measure it carefully and apply it before you assemble it yourself. Making dollhouses and miniatures is NOT for sissies.


  1. Cute! If you don't like the exterior colour can you just change it?

  2. I could change it, but I would want to change it to buttercream with mint cream trim. I'm not sure how easy it would be to cover up such a bright pink with such a light color. Besides, the paint is applied really smoothly. I'm a beginner so I'm not sure I could achieve that effect. I may attempt it later. I'm leaning toward keeping the original color scheme though as an honor to original dollhouse maker. I did find out where all the dollhouse stuff came from. Amber's husband bought them from a storage locker that had gone to collections. Like on A & E's Storage Wars!

  3. Super cute!!! I love the color :) What a great find!!

  4. Yeah, now I'm furnishing it on the cheap! Stay tuned for a future blog describing the process...


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