Saturday, 9 June 2012

How to make dollarstore acrylic paint look better and last longer

The following advice was relayed to me by a woman at the mini group who by the sounds of it has been a serious artist for years. She told us that you can buy something called "Flow extender" at your local paint supply store, mix a couple of drops in with your acrylic paint, and it will go on more smoothly.

Also, she introduced us to something called the wet pallet. The wet pallet consists of a sheet of paper that is like watercolor paper, a piece of foam, and a plastic case. You wet the paper, and then you can deposit dollops of paint on the paper, and when you're done, put the wet pallet in the freezer (I can picture Mark discovering it next to a roast saying "What is she up to NOW?" and then take it out again when you're ready to resume work on your project. That way you don't waste paint.
This strikes me as especially usefully when you are mixing colors. Marg (I think that was her name) said she even uses it for glue!

In unrelated news, I just got off the phone with my dad, who said he would help me with the last phase of my Grandpa's 97th Birthday gift, which involves measuring and sawing chipboard, a task which intimidates me a wee bit. For more details, consult the previous post Ongoing Projects. He reminded me that we will be down in Calgary in just 3 weeks! We will be attending my sister in law's wedding, then I will be going to Vancouver with my parents and brother to spend a couple of days with my Grandpa, then I will meet up with Mark and two friends to spend three weeks on Galliano. Eeep! This Crafty girl better get moving, she has some crafty projects to finish, not to mention other more mundane projects :P


  1. Isn't it great to have helpful dad's!? Sounds like the project will be a success!! Your Grandpa will love seeing you I'm sure!!

  2. Yup! I'm really grateful my Dad's going to help me with the sawing portion of the project! Wouldn't want to screw that up :P


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