Friday, 27 July 2012

Shell Candle Vase

Jeepers it is hot today! Although I guess that depends on who is reading this and where you live :) It has been 27 degrees Celsius today in Edmonton. I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit!
Since I'm no longer on Galliano Island near the ocean and can't take a cool plunge (just picturing it feels delightful) I settled for making an arrangement with shells I collected while I was on the island. I like how it turned out.  

I love being able to keep part of the ocean with me in landlocked Alberta.

I love the effect of the light came in the window and hit the laminate floor. It wasn't planned! Although maybe I should take credit for it and claim masterly photography skills...



  1. Thanks Anika! I enjoy writing it so much. I think you if you enjoy writing, photography, and your subject matter then you'll be motivated to keep at it. Last night when I couldn't sleep I was dreaming up other ways to expand it. I love it when I get feedback from other bloggers. It's such a unique way to have a community of friends around the world. Whether the stop by once, occasionally, or start following you!


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