Sunday, 22 July 2012

Some unexpected treasures that came my way

Whenever people ask me what's new with me these days I always mention that I have fallen in love with dollhouses and miniatures and have dived in to all sorts of crafty pursuits with a great deal of enthusiasm.

This usually sparks some very interesting conversations. People like to tell me about their experiences with the miniature hobby (there are lots of undercover miniaturists or mini lovers that don't even know it yet!). I also get to learn about a variety of fascinating crafts that people are creating.

When we were on Galliano Island we visited our dear friend Barbara, who runs the fantastic Artists' Gallery Stone world. She had other guests around at the time, and as I started to tell the story of my Grandpa's Room box, she quietly slipped away, and came back and presented me with the adorable items you'll see in the picture I've posted. They are slightly bigger than 1:12 scale, which is the standard scale most adult miniaturists work in. It's closer to 1:16 scale, or play scale, which is a size that would look appropriate in Barbie's kitchen :) Nevertheless, I am thrilled with the gift, and will certainly find somewhere to display these beautiful little treasure. The iron skillet in solid cast iron, and I am inspired to learn how to make a fried egg from polymer clay to go along with it.

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  1. Hi Ruth,so beautiful minis in your blog,I invited you to visit my blog too.Miniregards from sunny Spain.


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