Sunday, 29 July 2012

I've started to knit again!

Several years ago my lovely sister Claire took up knitting, and became a knitting maven. There's just no other way to describe her. She was a fast learner, moved on quickly to complicated projects and eventually a local knitting store asked her to give lessons. I think she mostly traded work for gorgeous wool and needles :)

I was looking for a hobby so I thought I'd try it. I signed up for classes at a local knitting store called...wait for it..."Ewe Asked For It". Looking back, I think the name alone should have sent me running fast in the opposite direction. But I soldiered on. It didn't come naturally though. The teacher wasn't unkind, but found it more interesting to focus on the more advanced knitters in the group I guess. At the time I pretty much took everything personally. As in if a dog looked at me cock eyed
So I gave up for awhile, and Claire tried to lure me back with very thick gorgeous purple yarn and very much coveted by veteran knitters bamboo knitting needles. I did much better with the bigger yarn, because of course it's easier to see your mistakes that way. But I eventually lost interest as I had quite a few other issues to deal with and never finished that scarf.

Before I headed out for a month of traveling last month I downloaded every single issue of AIM magazine. This is a free magazine that comes out once a month and they have archived issues on their website going back to 2009. (You can download them at This is a fabulous dollhouse and miniature magazine full of free projects, including free miniature knitting projects. I think you can see where this is going....
Lately I have been working on that scarf so I can work on my knitting skills and because I have been having trouble sleeping and knitting is relaxing, if it's a simple scarf that's half done. Or maybe even 3/4!

Before I sign off, where are all my beloved blogging friends? I know, probably excitedly glued to your tv sets watching the Olympics. I have a confession to make. I don't like the Olympics! They just interfere with my regularly scheduled favorite shows. (Although this is less true of the summer games.) I don't watch them. I don't read the inspiring articles about them in women's magazines. Oh, and it gets worse. When our apartment heats up like an oven, I retreat to our bedroom, where it's coolest, and watch ABC's Bachelor Pad on my laptop! Well, now you know the worst. I hope you still find me loveable :P 


  1. I like your blog Ruth. It is easy to get around and I personally like it went bloggers have a list of their favourite blogs so I can snoop around in that list. ; ) My only advice is to separate your paragraphs abit more for easier reading. Have fun with your blog.
    Judy from Camp

  2. That's good advice Judy. I think I will go back and Edit my posts incorporating that advice. As for incorporating printies, I think I will set up a picasa web account and then just provide a link to the printies that are relevant to each project. For example, I'm working on a beach scene, and considering making some of my own printies for that. So I would just include a link as part of the post. People follow my blog for a variety of reasons, since it isn't exclusively about minis.

  3. I've always wanted to learn to knit or crochet but never have. It is still on my to do list. :)

    Thanks for the link to I hadn't seen the site yet but it does have some great projects!

  4. The artisan's in miniature site is a great resource which every miniature should take advantage of! They put out a free online magazine every month which is packed with articles, projects, printies, tips...They also have these magazines archived going back to 2009. you can download them, print them or simply read them online. As for knitting, it's pretty easy to learn and quite relaxing! Thanks for stopping by :)


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