Saturday, 26 January 2013

Let's NOT talk about my Etsy shop for a little bit :)

Don't get me wrong. I am really excited about it. I jump out of bed each morning and want to create, create, create and don't want to stop for meals and my husband confessed he feels ignored :P Have any of my followers "cheated" on their husband with their minis?

I need a break, as much as I love making minis. I also need to tend to my other Etsy shop, which I also love. I am making sugar scrub cubes, and I ship to the States now! I'm also making solid perfume, with sandlewood oil and probably some other essential oils added to add some spicy, exotic top notes. And I'll be making soap on a rope in a romantic pattern and heart shaped glycerine melt and pour soap with rose petals embedded in them. Is it shameless to plug my bath and body products on my miniatures blog? Maybe. Oh well! As I like to say, it's my blog, I get to make the rules!

I came across this article because I "like" The Collectors Club of Great Britain" on Facebook. It's packed with so many useful tips I thought it was worth sharing.




  1. Hello from Spain: I read that you work a lot. I'm glad you're happy with your stores. Your works are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the page The Collectors Club of Great Britain "on Facebook. I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations. kept in touch

  2. Thank you for sharing the link. It is really very useful. Good luck with your shops.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. It's nice for you that you are so busy producing. I smiled of your post today. You may occasionally spoil your husband, so he does not feel completely forgotten.


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