Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wasn't I supposed to be doing that Mr. Tumnus Scene this month?

At the beginning of January, I posted about how I wanted to do the a scene from Narnia to fit in with January's Creative Every Day Challenge. Luckily, the challenge is very low key, and not rigid. I have my Narnia scene completely set up in my mind, now I just need to do it!

I've been spending SOO much time on my new Etsy shop. Yes, it actually exists now! Look at my Esy shop widget on my right hand side bar!

So I will probably be getting around to the Chronicles of Narnia Scene in February. I know some of you are on Etsy and I've already favorited your shops and added you to my circle. I had already done a lot of this under my first Etsy profile, the profile I created when I set up my first Etsy shop, Sweet Heart Body Care, I was annoyed to discover I needed a new email and would have a separate account for my second Etsy shop. Currently I only ship to Canada, but as soon as I can enter all the tax rates for all of the States manually, I will be shipping to the States.

I will not be charging tax for my miniature items, since then I would have to go through and manually enter the tax rates for EVERY country. No thanks!

I believe I have gained some new followers. I have a serious sinus cold or I would be greeting you by name. I want to go back to doing that, but I've been so busy setting up my 2nd Etsy shop, making my 1rst one profitable, and feeding my very tall, meat loving husband (He stands 6 feet 3 inches in socks).
Gotta run!

Love you all,



  1. Heal up honey ;) Then you will have rested and can get back to mini'ing ;P

  2. Congratulations Ruth, I hope you are going to send a lot of packages around the world.
    With regard to be tall, now I'm not sure how high your husband is because you have a different measurement conditions, but we are very height in my family.
    My husband is 194 cm
    My oldest daughter Camilla is 186 cm
    My youngest daughter jeanette is 194 cm
    I am 182 cm

    We are very height also from Danish conditions. My daughters have both played basketball and the youngest was in high school in Seatlle where she played in a year. When we are on vacation together we are so much noticed and get quick nicknames such as "the high family" etc.
    So how tall is your husband in cm ?

  3. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your store. I hope you're well on your sinus cold. Keep in touch


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