Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Two lovely presents on my Birthday

Today I am 33 years old! There are many things to be grateful for, including wonderful friends that I have met through my blog.

Right before Christmas, Jane, who writes surprised me when she emailed me to let me know I had won her giveaway. The wonderful goodies haven't arrived in the mail yet but they should arrive any day. This is a picture of my prize:

There are a couple of things you should know about my lovely friend Jane. She is sneaky (she entered a bunch of us in a giveaway and then told us we were eligible to win this prize!) She has an Etsy shop, and it is fantastic. She is a very generous person.

A couple of days ago I was really shocked that I won the 1rst prize in Drora's Giveaway. I kept going back and checking the comment entries to make sure it wasn't a mistake. Drora writes a wonderful blog at . She is warm, generous and caring. Drora always tries to help out new bloggers/miniaturists. She is very genuine and sincere. This is what I won from Drora's giveaway, and I can't wait for it to arrive!

Now, since it is my birthday, I thought I would include 5 random facts about me.

  1.  I don't have a belly button! Really. I used to tell people it was because I was hatched in an egg, but the reason is actually that I had an umbilical hernia when I was a baby, and it was removed then.
  2. I can't watch scary movies, or really violent ones because they give me nightmares! I do like a good suspense drama though.
  3. I often make up rhymes and songs that I sing when I'm doing household chores as a way to amuse myself. I think this is because I spent many years working with young children and because I'm naturally goofy!
  4. I love to read. Magazines, Non-Fiction Books,  Fiction Books (Maeve Binchy is one of my favorite authors, sadly she passed away last summer.) I will read pretty much anything I can get my hands on.
  5. I often come across as shy, but people who know me really well know that is not true. I am very silly/affectionate with my close friends.


  1. Happy Birthday Honey!!!!

    It's nice to know a little more about you ;)

    I wish you the most wonderful B day!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day today, whatever you have planned. Celebrate and enjoy :)

  3. Happy Birthday Ruth!! Oh to be 33 again. /sigh... Best wishes to you and the new year.

  4. Happy Birthday, Ruth! You are only five months younger
    than me :-)
    Enjoy your hobby and please keep on sharing your work!

  5. Kære Ruth
    Stort tillykke med din fødselsdag, håber du får mange gode gaver. Tillykke med dine dejlige gaver du har været heldig at vinde. Ja Drora er en særlig godt menneske.

    Mange tanker og et stor kys og knus

  6. Happy Birthday Ruth!
    Well done on the double-whammy win, what a fab birthday treat!
    All the best for 2013
    Kat X

  7. Happy birthday!
    Beautiful gifts.
    Bye Faby

  8. Hello from Spain: Happy Birthday. I really like your gifts. I also like to know more about you. Keep in touch

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! :D You've hit a lucky streak!


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