Friday, 18 May 2012

I finally got to finish my homemade Mother's Day Card!

I had been waiting for several supplies to arrive in the mail from the Canadian Branch of Dolls House Emporium. This website is an absolute boon for Canadian miniatures or crafty types. It is simply not worth it to order from the American websites because of the absurd shipping costs. But with Dollhouse Emporium, you pay in Canadian dollars, you only pay $10 in shipping, and any order over $60 qualifies for free shipping.

The items ship out from Britain, and they are of extremely high quality. I ordered some special cards awhile back from this company, which come with envelopes that are wide enough to accommodate miniature decorations on the front of the card. I ended up using a variety of supplies to decorate my card. On the front of the card the beautiful card is actually dollhouse wallpaper card. The decorative tape in the front of the card is some beautiful paper tape I picked up from a lovely new tea shoppe that recently opened up near us called Cali's Teas.

My new friend Pat, who I met at the Miniature Enthusiasts Club of Edmonton, was very generous with tips on how to personalize my card. Having just learned how to make printies (find an image using Google and shrink it down to mini proportions) I chose to include some Bible verses that are very meaningful to me and represent the deep love and affection my mom has always shown to her children.
Every morning before my sister and I left for Elementary school my mom would repeat these verses to us, as a prayer, as a sign of her love for us and a way of imprinting us with her "love stamp". When we were rushing out the door she would call "Wait!" and we would hurry back so she could say this prayer.
I also chose to include a tiny picture of a Victorian mother and child, because both my mom and I have always loved Victoriana.
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  1. What a lovely card! And I am a big fan of that scripture too. I often say it to Bruce when I put him to bed.

  2. That's sweet that you say it to Bruce. My mom was really touched when she received it in the mail and called to thank me. She said she felt like that Bible verse represented our relationship in many ways and I agree. My mom believes strongly in the power of prayer, she has always prayed for her children, and I believe strongly in the power of prayer also.
    I actually thought that Bible verse was a prayer my mom made up just for us! It wasn't until I was in my teens that I realized that it was an actual Bible verse :P I think if you can convey to your children that you love them unconditionally, that is an incredible gift that they carry with them into adulthood.

  3. what a lovely make it more worthy isn't it essential to use Gift Card envelopes for it.


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