Monday, 14 May 2012

Schemes and Dreams

I always have something in the works! A couple of weeks ago a purchased a room box from a lovely woman named Sue. I replied to her ad on kijiji. She sold me the room box for $15. If I had ordered one online I would have paid about $40, plus tax, plus $10 for shipping. Since this room box is for a Christmas scene I have been planning and Sue had some Christmas items as well, I also bought some cute mini wrapped presents and a miniature decorated Christmas tree. I actually wanted to buy EVERYTHING she had but we're on a budget right now :) A couple of weeks a go a furniture kit arrived in the mail, called "The Library" by which is produced by Greenleaf Dollhouse Company. I have already started staining this simple wood furniture kit and am dreaming up ways that different items can fit in with my room box.
Then there is the "Anne of Green Gables" project that is pretty long term. Thanks to a wonderful book, called "The Anne of Green Gables Treasury" I have an exact floor plan of Green Gables, complete with an artist's depiction of the furnishings as described in the book. I have already found the perfect dollhouse kit, and several furniture kits that would be ideal. I found them all on the website for The Little Dollhouse Company, which is a dollhouse and miniatures store in Toronto. They are the only Canadian retailer that makes their own kits from BC redwood. How exciting!

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