Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A night in Mini Heaven

Last night I had the honor of attending my first meeting of the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton Club. It was extremely exciting for a mini lover such as myself. I got to see adorable displays in 1/4 scale that were the products of three group members recent trip to a Miniatures Show and Workshop in Oregon. I work in 1/12 scale, which means 1 inch per 1 foot. Even 1/12 scale is quite tiny, so you can imagine how tiny 1/4 scale is. It takes incredible patience, skill, a steady hand, but it's easy to see why miniaturists fall in love with working in 1/4 scale. Some of the cutest things I saw were a Christmas Scene inserted into a teacup and a teeny tiny bakery housed in a lantern.

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