Friday, 4 May 2012

Ongoing Projects

I am juggling a few projects right now, which is fine since I am taking a break from work and won't be going back until September. The two projects that take top priority are a gathering supplies for a scrapbook I will making when we go to Galliano Island, Bristish Columbia in July and a commemorative miniature display box for my Grandpa, who is turning 97 years young in July. I was open to using what I could find in local antique shops for the box I'm making for my Grandpa. I ended up buying an old chess set. It's made from very good quality wood, the chess pieces are missing, so essentially it's a nice box with a lid with a checkerboard pattern on top.
I have been brainstorming about the best way to set up this box. I am doing this on a budget, so I have to get creative! I'm filling this box with a mixture of furniture made from "printies" (free printables that you can download from the internet, print onto cardstock,  and reinforce with light cardboard), furniture made from kits and some mini furniture I already have.
I'm also planning to divide the box into sections, because I want to devote each section into a mini room within the box that represents a hobby or a significant area of his life. I have pretty much narrowed the short list down to: a carpenter's work room, a library, a room that celebrates his Irish heritage, and somehow I want to work in some mini items that will commemorate his time serving in Word War II and his long career with Canada Post. Luckily I have lots of time!


  1. Super cool idea! He'll love it!!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I'm almost done! I've had to scale back so I'm just going to include a study room (I'm waiting for a very expensive miniature bible to arrive in the mail :P) and a carpenter's workshop. Will post pics when it's done.


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