Friday, 10 August 2012

Miniature Beach Scene within a Memory Box

I have to say I have probably felt the most pressure about this project then any other!  I completed it in about a week, and during that week I wasn't getting much sleep. It is a gift for a friend who means a great deal to me so it was a lot of fun despite the time crunch.

I worked on it a little bit every day, but it wasn't until yesterday when my friend Laura was coming over for dinner so I could give it to her that I looked at the clock and said "Eeep! I don't know if I'm going to get it done before she gets here!"
The miniature beach basket was not proving to be as easy to put together as it was described in the July issue of online magazine. I started to panic. I was running out of time!

So I took some deep breaths, and followed some basic rules that have helped get me through some of my more challenging projects:
  1. Adapt a project if it's not working for you. Be creative. Make it your own!
  2. Push through those panicky feelings and refuse to submit to perfectionisism
  3. Remember you are doing this because it's a hobby you enjoy
  4. Remember what your ultimate goal it. In my case it was to create a gift for my friend to commemorate a vacation we had taken together
Of course it turned out fine. Laura came over after work so we could cook dinner together. As she arrived I was putting finishing touches on the scene. She sat and read a book while I decided to add a second paperback novel to the scene. I had printed out an entire page of miniature book covers so she could choose her own! We also had fun joking about the miniscule bikini I made for the scene.
 It was an evening of talk, collaborative cooking and fun, and she was delighted with her gift when I finally let her see the top of the box.

I feel I need to make some honorable mentions regarding this project. I recently joined the Yahoo Miniatures Group The Camp. Since joining it never ceases to amaze me how generous the members are with their advice and offers of supplies.

When I posted a question on the group page regarding this project, two women, Cheryl and Irene, offered to send me some materials for the beach basket since I didn't have any myself and wasn't sure where to buy some. I gladly accepted and I couldn't have made the scene without them.

Maureen, who is a member of the Camp and also a member of the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton Club, sent me some tiny printable sunscreen labels.

I found great selection of miniature printable book covers at this website.
It's worth bookmarking on your computer if you think you're ever going to do a similar project!

This picture was taken on the ferry on the way to Galliano Island. It is designed to fit in the top of a wooden jewellery box, which I painted and decorated. 

The Beach Scene features the bikini, trimmed with yellow cord called bunka, which was donated by Irene, a miniature novel on the towel , beach ball and beach basket.

This was the best close up shot of the miniature beach basket. I wanted to show the bunka donated by Cheryl and Irene. Cheryl donated bunka that is an ecru shade, Irene donated several shades, and I used green in the basket. You can see the sunscreen bottle peeping out. Usually I can get fairly good pictures using the editing function that iphoto provides, but I would really like a better quality camera to take close ups of miniature scenes.

I hope my followers enjoy reading about this project as much as I enjoyed creating it!


  1. This is my most favourite type of project...a personal gift that reflects special memories.

    1. Hi Maureen,
      Making personal gifts that are also miniature gifts is very rewarding for me and a fun way for me to practice a new hobby!

  2. Aww lovely!!
    I'm sure your friend was thrilled and rather touched at the time and thought gone into her gift. Fab!

    Kat x

    1. Thanks Kat! She did love her gift, which is the most important think when making a project like this.


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