Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Plum Pudding and Candle

I became interested in miniatures last February. Last March, I started browsing through ads on kijiji (it's like newspaper classifieds, online) to see who was selling off dollhouse miniatures they no longer wanted. By March I had also started to dream up future projects I wanted to do. In March I purchased a small room box from a lovely woman named June who had placed an ad on kijji. I told her I wanted to make a Christmas room box, and she had some Christmas items, so I bought some of them too.

Since then, a lot has changed. I started this blog in April. I called it My Krafty Life, because it was also about my homemade beauty products and other crafty pursuits. Eventually, I became frustrated, because I knew I wasn't attracting other mini bloggers because my blog wasn't exclusively about minis. So I split my blog in two.

My small Christmas room box has somehow exploded into about 3 or 4 different Christmas scenes. Right now, I'm having fun just rearranging them and eventually I'll decide what will go in the roombox, and then I'll create maybe two other Christmas scenes. I've also gone a bit crazy (for me) and bought more miniature food than usual on Etsy and bought supplies to take my first tentative steps into....making my own mini food.

Don't get too excited, I'll probably burn at least three batches. I think I'm going crazy in terms of miniature Christmas scenes because it looks like my own Christmas is going to be sad. Some of you know that my Grandpa is ill and dying. If you missed the post I wrote about it in November and would like to read it type Grandpa into the search bar and it will come up.I  knew he didn't have much time left. I didn't expect his health to decline as fast as it has. Yesterday my parents flew to Vancouver (about an hour plane ride, about a 16 hr car ride), to help ease his transition from the hospital into a hospice and to stay with him until he dies.

He is now talking openly about wanting to go to Heaven. He is having trouble eating; he tries to eat for my step grandma's sake but finds it hard to summon an appetite. I've spend time around the elderly at the end of their lives. When they stop eating, they don't have much time left. I will grieve for him, of course. But mostly I feel at peace. He is 97 1/2. I think he deserves a rest.

He has always been one for celebration. He has always told me he wants me to go on with my life, that death is a part of life. Minis are always a good distraction. It's nice to focus on Christmas as well, which is about rebirth, family, tradition, and celebration.

Here is what I put together today. I used the candle Wyrna generously sent me. I included a Christmas plum pudding  that I bought from Sarah Maloney, who writes the blog Dollhouse Kitchen. The cloth covering the table is a printable that I printed on to cloth fabric sheets you can insert into your inkjet printer.

The silver coffee pot is one that my parents picked up for me when they were travelling in Oregon. Make sure you check out the new giveaways posted on the sidebar of my blog! Anthea is now following my blog. She is offering a great giveaway at her blog Yew Tree Miniatures. She'll even let you choose from two options from her Etsy shops.

Goodnight my dear friends.

Your comments and kind words bring me a lot of comfort at a difficult time.


  1. I hope you and your family the best in your tough time. You grandfather was obviously loved and for many many years ;)

    I spent the last month with my grandmother at her death, it is is never easy but she was loved and is still remembered so I have peace.

    Have some time to sink your worried mind into, minis will help as you know.. it takes alot of attention, and for a while you will have peace ;)

  2. Hello from Spain: wow, wow ... I love your photos dedicated to Christmas. You are an inspiration. Congratulations ..... Keep in touch


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