Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I feel so lucky

Today I received a wonderful treat in the mail from my warm, generous friend Wyrna. I know some of you already know about Wyrna and how talented she is because you follow her delightful blog, A Fairytale Come True. If you haven't read her blog, you should!

Wyrna sent me these treats all the way from Denmark to cheer me up when she learned that I have been having a hard time lately. I squealed with delight as I opened the package. I couldn't believe how much she had sent. I kept finding more little boxes and bags filled with wonderful things. I took a picture of everything my dear friend sent me.

Wyrna recently asked me for advice on taking better pictures. It did take me awhile to get the knack of it, but once you learn a few simple tricks it's pretty easy. I told her I might right a blogging tutorial on the subject. If you would be interested in a blogging tutorial on  taking the best pictures that you can, I will write one in January. Leave a comment on this post if you would like me to write this tutorial! A couple of my lovely followers emailed me yesterday and said they were unable to comment on the post I wrote yesterday. I have been having this problem when trying to post on other blogs all week. It is an issue with Google, not my particular blog. Google is being "glitchy" When I encounter this problem, I either keep trying to post a comment until it eventually works, or come back the next day. The problem is usually fixed within a day or too.

I love everything Wyrna, your gift warmed my heart so much!
Hugs and Kisses to all my lovely Followers,



  1. Lovely gifts. I could definitely use some help taking better photos.
    A Big Merry Hug

  2. Hi, Ruth!
    Congratulations on these really wonderful gifts from Wyrna! She is really so talented and so kind too! Enjoy your new treasures!

  3. Wyrna's gifts are gorgeous. Enjoy your new treasures.
    I'll be very grateful read your tutorial about taking better photos. Thank you.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Lovely gifts Ruth...just the ticket to warm your heart! Hugs J xx

  5. OMG those are wonderful! I love the little crib and the baby doll's dress :)

    Marisa :)

  6. Ciao!!!! Complimenti per le miniature!!! Sono bellissime ..!!!
    Mi piace tanto il tuo blog!!! Ti seguo come follower!!!!
    Sei invitata al mio give away natalizio!!! :)


  7. Dear Ruth
    So I did it. I am glad you are happy with my gifts. You deserve them


  8. Those gifts look wonderful, you are very lucky.
    I would be interested in a photography tutorial, so will look forward to seeing it in the new year.
    Merry Christmas


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