Monday, 3 December 2012

You DON'T want to miss This!

The AIM Advent Calendar features a mini Christmas project for every day in December. They have posted the one for December today, and will go all the way to December 24th. One for every day in December! On their website  You will find a link on their website for archived issues. If you click on it you will find the Advent Calendars for 2 previous years

Go here to start reading this advent Calendar:
So now you have so many high qualify, free Christmas tutorials at your finger tips.

Just a couple of more things I would like to say. You may have noticed I have change my theme. Again       :) I will probably never settle down with one theme. I always end up wanting a change. But I don't want to keep disorienting my followers. So I have decided to stick to the free borders that the blogger plumrose lane offers. That's keeping in as simple as possible.

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  1. Dear Ruth
    Thanks for this link, it's like getting a little present every day. I hope soon, you will receive my gift. I sent 3 the same day, only one has come forward.

  2. Hello from Spain: the advent calendar is very original. Great idea! Keep in touch


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