Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Miniature Kitchen Shelf with goodies

I was planning to make a fireplace today, but I couldn't find the materials I was planning to use, so I rounded up some items I had on hand and put together a cute little Christmas Shelf scene.

I'm glad so many of you have found the AIM Christmas Advent Calendar Resource I shared with you useful. I want to let you know there are some more really valuable free tutorials and printies that you can start taking advantage of today!

When I first became interested in minis, I spent hours browsing the web, looking for resources. I would spend so long looking that my eyes would become so strained they would practically bug out and fall out of their sockets! So if I can save my wonderful followers that time and energy I am happy to do that. Here are some more places you can go for excellent, free tutorials and printies: Joann Swansons Blog! I cannot say enough good things about her and how generous she is! This is her blog: Not only is she providing a series of mini projects this year, but you can search her blog and use her fabulous projects from the last two years. Enter Sugar and Spice into the search box on the upper right hand corner of her blog. That Christmas project is my personal favourite.  You can also search for A Swedish Christmas.

I'm nowhere near done telling you about all the great resources out there! The biggest resource I have found on the web is I have sent you to the page specifically about Christmas, but there are pages upon pages of free resources about every subject you can possibly imagine. All you have to do is enter the subject you're interested in into the search bar, and the relevant page will come up. If you are interested in being involved in Editing this page and adding your own projects, please email me privately. My contact information can be found by clicking on "View my complete profile" and then clicking on "Contact me".

I have a couple more things to do before I post the picture of my project. miniatures provides some nice printies and project ideas. This is the link to the miniature projects: Two more links and then I'm done. Paper minis! These kits are very high quality and inexpensive. If you live in the States they probably won't take long to reach you. If you live else where, they might not reach you in Time for Christmas! But keep them in mind for your future projects! Here's the link: One more link, which The blogger true to scale generously provides each year:

Ok! I think it's finally time to post my own project:) Here it is!
They're a bit difficult to see, but on the bottom shelf are gingerbread men cookies and a bowl of candies!

Never fear! I'm getting a better Camera after Christmas, even if it's just another point and shoot camera with better zoom capacity. I'll buy it myself if I have to! I'll go to the sales they have the week after Christmas and I should be able to get one for about a hundred dollars, which isn't a bad price at all.

Before I go, I'd like to extend I warm welcome to my new followers, and Raven in particular. she is new to blogging, and she is so talented. Please go check out her blog, Raven's Nest, I've made it really easy for you by giving you the link: Let's show her our support and let her know what a warm, generous community of miniature bloggers we have.

Well, I have to go! I have a husband to take care of and a house to clean.

Love, Ruth


  1. Hi Ruth, It looks like you have a good start on your Christmas project. If you are looking for more tutorial and printies you are welcome to visit I've just added new links to Printies Christmas and tutorials for Christmas, food and flowers and plants. Use the sidebar to find what you want.
    A Big Merry Hug

  2. Hi, Ruth!
    Lovely Christmas project!
    I love the gingerbread men cookies!
    Have a nice week!

  3. I like Christmas project and you have a good start.
    Bye Faby

  4. Hello from Spain: I like your Christmas project. Thanks for reporting on other pages. Keep in touch

  5. thanks for the links Sweetie :)


    PS my computer is still shutting off at home so I'm using the work puter...yes I know I'm wicked :)


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