Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Daily Craft TV Giveaway (Chris (Powergirls) and any of my non miniature followers please read this!!

Over a month ago I wrote this post, which was my review of one of several fun, informative videos available on daily craft tv. Eric Woolf, from craft tv had contacted me and offered me a free tv tutorial to look at and said if I did a review on my blog I could offer a free giveaway on my blog. I was VERY excited because of this opportunity and I was SURE my bloggers would share my excitement, especially since the giveaway is available internationally.
I was a bit dismayed when only 3 of my followers entered. Then I decided this was understandable because I have many international followers who don't speak English and my English speaking followers don't all find non craft videos as exciting as I do.
I was planning to announce a winner at the end of July but as my dear friend and mentor Maureen, member of the Miniature Edmonton Enthusiast of Edmonton Club and author of the blog St. Albert Mini says sometimes RL (real life) intervenes, and this was certainly the case with me.
I finally got it contact with Eric a couple of days ago and I felt bad telling him that only 3 people had entered! It's really no loss to me, but I would like to think that his efforts and company would benefit a bit more!
He told me that anyone on my blog interested in winning this prize can go toDaily Craft Tv and choose the video they'd like, and contact him, and he will email them the coupon code. I will choose the winner using
If you think any of your followers would be interested, please post a pic of the giveaway on the sidebar of your blog. I told Eric I would post about the giveaway again since I have gotten some new followers since May. I'll also post about it in the yahoo groups I belong to.
Can you tell I'm STILL procrastinating my paperroute? On the plus side, it looks nice out. The past couple weeks I've been rained out mid route.

Oh! And I put your name in the subject bar Chris (Powergirls) because I can't find your blog (unless you don't have one, but it sounds like you have one). If you would like to discuss this further, click on the pink email icon on the top of my blog and that will link up to my email adress (NEVER simply type out your email address on your blog! Unless you enjoy an inbox filled with spam messages and potential viruses)

Must really run this time.

Hugs and Kisses,

You all make the dull days more exciting for me,



  1. bye, it's stopped raining here and we are finally getting some sun :)

    thanks for the tips for the give away


  2. My first couple of giveaways were very lonely. LOL! But now I have a bit more participation. I think you have to get to 500 followers to have a nice amount of participation. It took me 4 years to get to 500. You'll get there much quicker. Have a gorgeous day.

    1. Oh thanks hon! You are the sweetest. I expect I would have gotten a lot more entries had I been giving away some of my own minis. I'm not sure when I'll do that.. When I reach 200 or 300 followers, because I want to wait until I can afford to make it a great giveaway.
      Love you sweetheart!


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