Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Grrr....Blogger is making me mad today!

I love my new blog title. I'm thrilled with the decision to create two separate blogs. What I am not thrilled with is the Blogger "Help Center" which in my experience is the exact opposite of helpful.

In the main, the transition from one blog (mykrafylife) into two blogs has been smooth. All my followers moved with me. The one issue I seem to be having is I do not think those who follow me by email are getting my posts.

Apparently I got off lightly. You see, I figured out fairly quickly that the Blogger "Help Center" is actually code for "Useless Waste of Time Center". Since then I have always gone straight to the Google product forums. This is where actual bloggers answer your questions. A few weeks back I joined one of Google's support groups specifically for Blogger users and have posted a question seeking an answer re: my subscribers by email getting my posts.

As I searched through other questions, I came across stories much worse than mine. People's pages had disappeared. They lost entire chunks of content. They had none of their blogger followers. Nobody could find their blog in a Google search. Aiiii! Every so often I'm tempted to switch to Wordpress. Many have started with Blogger, and have finally ditched Blogger (I'm guessing because of uncontrollable fits of rage) for Wordpress. But then I wouldn't have the ability to follow so many wonderful bloggers, I could still follow them, but not on my dashboard :(

Still Blogger, don't you push your luck with me! The following picture expresses exactly how I feel about Blogger today. And if anyone who has been following mykraftylife via email, please comment on this post so I know you got it!

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