Sunday, 26 August 2012

Some treasures I have picked up

In Edmonton, Alberta, where I live, there is a wonderful place to visit and this place is called Old Strathcona Antique Mall. It is comprised of two levels and contains more than 300 hundred booths and showcases. For those who like Antiques, it is like being a kid in a candy shop. Here is a link to their website:

I go to Antique Mall for two reasons. I love Antiques of all kinds, especially old glassware and tableware. Secondly, I have been able to pick up some great 1:12 scale miniature accessories on several occasions.

Many of the Vendor Booths are arranged in a hodge podge manner, so you really have to keep your eyes open and dig around to find these miniatures. I have been a regular visitor to Antique Mall, so now I know which booths have miniatures on occasion. Now when I go, I make a beeline to about three different vendor booths to see if they have anything. If I find something, well and good. I usually buy them because I have never spent more than six dollars on an individual piece. If I see something I like, I pick it up, then take it up to the front desk where they will hold if for me until I am ready to pay for it.

Then I continue browsing. I have been collecting stocking stuffers for my family. Some of the vendor booths are set up very elegantly and one in particular looks just like my Paternal Grandma's sitting room did. She passed away when I was thirteen. There is often a chair or a sofa in that booth which is also for sale. I like to sit there for a couple of minutes. It's relaxing and brings back happy childhood memories and is especially comforting when I've had a bad day!

These are some adorable 1:12 scale accessories I have picked up at Antique Mall in the past month.

I could add these to a picnic or backyard scene

On the left is a roll of paper towel for a kitchen scene, on the right is a mannequin for a sewing or Ladies' Shop scene
I could not pass up this adorable little clock. So elegant!


  1. You got some beautiful little treasures :)I love the 7up and coke bottles.
    Hugs Maria

  2. I love them too Maria! They were a great find :-)

  3. The Antique Mall sounds fabulous, somewhere I could spend hours, never know what treasures will turn up. Great finds.

  4. Yes, Jean, I often do spend hours there. All of a sudden I have a headache and realize I haven't eaten! Sometimes I leave my wallet at home when I go there so I don't submit to temptation...

  5. Back into the bloging world! Those are all so cute!! Can't wait to see all of your creations :)

  6. Thanks Michelle! I have the materials gathered for a couple scenes but won't be posting stuff until late September! Until then it will be packing, packing, packing, and then cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and finally moving :)


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