Friday, 17 August 2012

Homemade Card for a New Mom

I love making cards for friend. I enjoy the artistic aspect, and they are always delighted to receive a personalized gift. This is the latest card I have made. I have just sent it off in the mail. I'm not worried my friend will read this blog post before she gets the card, because she's a new mom, and we just reconnected on facebook, so she isn't even aware of my blog as far as I know.
In other homemade card postings I have included the personal message I have sent to the recipient. From now on, I will post the interior of the card but not the personal message, just to protect everyone's privacy.

I would like to thank Megan, for generously providing so many free images for public use. You can find the graphic I used for the baby boy being carried by a stork here
Left Interior of Card
Right Interior of Card

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