Thursday, 30 August 2012


I will start out this post with one of my favorite quotes.

"Believe there are no limits but the sky..."

I like to dream big when it comes to current and future projects. I also like to have a couple projects on the go, as well as a couple rattling around in my head at the same time.

Right now, I have materials gathered for:

1) A nursery scene
2) A Christmas Room Box Scene

I also have a kit for a Victorian style cottage, but will have to purchase supplies to decorate the exterior, as well as the interior!

These are the projects I'm scheming and dreaming about:

1) A modern kitchen scene
2) A nautical scene featuring a mermaid
3) A sewing room scene
4) A Victorian Lady's Bedroom scene with a very dainty vanity laden with perfume bottles, cosmetics, and a beautiful dress laid out on the bed.
5)A faiery's house, covered in moss.
6) A Beach House Retreat.

If I thought harder, I could probably come up with more! Children are told that anything is possible and encouraged to dream. Usually at some point they are told to "be more sensible" and put childish dreams away. I admire the artists I know who didn't listen and went against the grain. I think adults need to dream more, on a regular basis. I'd love to hear about your dreams and schemes!


  1. Love all your ideas!! Two of my favorite things!! Can't wait to see them ;-)

  2. I also have a rather long list of projects lol. I will be lucky if I get even half of them done :D good luck with yours.
    Hugs Maria


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