Saturday, 1 September 2012

How to leave a comment

This post is for the wonderful folks who subscribe to my blog by email, or for those who occasionally stop by, and aren't as familiar with the blogging world as other bloggers.

If you're subscribing by email, every time I write a new post it arrives in your inbox. You can click on that post, and be taken straight to my blog page. At the bottom of my most recent post, in extremely small writing (I need to look into changing the size of the font, last time I tried this, it made other text bigger too, oh well!) you will see text that the post has 2 comments, for example, if some comments have been left.

To leave your own comment, simply click on the text that says 2 comments and the comments box will expand. Then you will be able to leave your comment, and if you would like, subscribe to further comments that are made regarding this post by email. You can also unsubscribe from the comments at any time.

See? Easy Peasy.

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