Friday, 21 September 2012

Advice on opening an Etsy Shop

Am I capable of writing a quick post? I think today I am, since my seasonal allergies are bothering me. I would like to welcome my new follower, Drora! I'm so glad you've joined me.

 Last week I wrote a post seeking advice on opening an Etsy shop. This is a future dream of mine. Who knows when it will happen? A lot depends on how busy next year gets for me.

Jazzi of Jazzi Mini's left a comment in response to this post, sharing her experiences. She is definitely worth listening to, as she has a great Etsy shop and I think many of my followers already know of her.

I also came across a blog post that gave great advice about running an Etsy shop. The blog author gave me permission to post the link, so here it is:

 This is a great blog with lots of tutorials, it's worth checking out.

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