Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The First Workshop for my Local Miniature Club

The day has finally arrived. At the show and sale I had a chance to look at the Attic Room Boxes we will be given to work with. They are quite nice. We'll have a lot of freedom to customize our own projects.

When my friend Pat, who is a member of the Miniature Group, told me in June that the club had decided on an Attic Scene but we could make the room into anything we liked, I immediately decided to make mine into a Nursery Scene. I had already started collecting Nursery accessories so this made sense.

When I was in Vancouver with my family over the summer, my Dad surprised me and bought me some nursery furniture at Ross' Miniature Treasure House. I also bought a playpen and other nursery furniture from Pat last spring. I don' think it will all fit in the room box!

Since I love books of all kinds, I decided my Nursery had to have books. I wanted to make them myself. I did research on the internet and realized just how much skill is required to make your own books! But I found a solution that suits me. I ordered the Beatrix Potter Kit from I think paper minis is a great resource for furnishing a dollhouse or a miniature scene for personal use. It's inexpensive, and after buying only one kit from them, you are sent a weekly newsletter containing free printables. I think I will buy another kit from paper minis in the future, but I already feel like I am set up with printables for life. I've included two pictures of the furniture and accessories I've amassed so far.

On the top of the change table are painted wooden animal wall plaques. So adorable!


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  2. Hi Ruth,beautiful minis in your blog!! Miniregards from Spain.


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