Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Edmonton Miniaturists Club Anual Show and Sale

I would like to start by welcoming two new followers, Vicky from Lovejoy Bears and someone who is following some blogs but doesn't have a blog, so I don't know her name! But I appreciate her being here all the same :) Vicky has just opened an Etsy shop and it has some lovely items in it. 

My friend Laura joined me at the show and sale and we had a great time. I was so excited for Laura when she won an awesome door prize! She took home a charming Garden/Potter's Shed Scene which she can mount on a wall.

 I have been planning to shop strategically, but I still wasn't fully prepared for how hard it was to pass up so many beautiful accessories and wonderful furniture sets and Room Boxes.
If money had not been a factor, I can't even say how much I would have spent!

A rug for my Nursery Room Box, and a Set of Depression Ware Pots and Dishes I couldn't resist
This is a toiletries basket. I bought it because it adorable, but also so I can figure out how to make my own toiletries :) They're mostly done with beads.
I picked up this tray, some children's books, and a stationary set on sale

Itsy Bitsy Jars and a Collection of Blank Books that can be covered with printable Book Covers
One of these hutches can be decorated and filled with kitchen items, the other one is for toiletry items!


  1. Great buys Ruth..hard to keep the hands in pocket when seeing a grown up toy store!

  2. It was definitely overwhelming to see all those beautiful miniatures in one spot!
    My friend Laura is not a Miniaturist and even she was quite enchanted

  3. All super.cute!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!!!

  4. Thanks Michelle! Tomorrow night is the first workshop for the Edmonton Miniature Club's Show and Sale, (well, except for an all day one I didn't attend), so it will all begin. Some days I think I'm crazy, trying to work out how to sell my beauty products and doing mini projects. I'm just in love with too many things!


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