Saturday, 22 September 2012

Eeep! I forgot my Mom's Birthday is coming up

I am very pleased to welcome three new followers. Sylvia is from Spain, Doreen is from Canada (it always nice to have a fellow Canadian following my blog) and Jody is from the Netherlands. Jody might have noticed my last name is Dutch. It's my married name. My Father in law was born in Holland and immigrated to Canada with his family when he was 12.

I love following blogs from all over the world. It's quite fascinating, although Google translate isn't perfect and the translation often makes me giggle.

My Mom is coming to visit us in Edmonton on October 6th. I would really like to make her a small miniature scene. I've been contemplating a couple of possibilities. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve for putting together a scene without spending a lot of money.

I'll post a picture of the scene and explain how I put it together, but not until I give it to my Mom! She just signed up to receive my blog posts by email.

Have a great weekend everyone! Next week will be our last week in this apartment and next weekend we will be loading up a moving truck, cleaning like crazy (I am lucky enough to have helpers), and moving into a townhouse.


  1. A big happy birthday to your Mum Ruth, my mum is celebrating her birthday tomorrow and I only posted her gift yesterday as I nearly forgot too! I'm pretty sure it won't arrive to her in time.... Oh dear, how much trouble will I be in do you think??
    Hugs, mins xx

  2. Mums always forgive us, one of the best thing about Mums :)

  3. Seguro que consigues hacerle una preciosa escena, me volvere a pasar para ver como te ha quedado.
    besitos ascension

  4. Thanks, Ascension! I am putting together a budget mini scene but I think it will delight my Mom. I will spoil her a little bit this year and also make her at least one, maybe two of my homemade beauty products and I will post those pictures on my beauty blog and provide a link on this blog so everyone can see everything I gave her :)


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