Saturday, 8 September 2012

We're moving!!!

I am so excited to share this news with my followers. My husband Mark and I are moving into a townhouse October 1rst, and there will be plenty of space for me to set up an enormous workstation.
I make my own beauty products so I will be storing my beauty making supplies as well as my miniature tools and projects in one place. I recently created a separate blog to promote my beauty products: 

I have been dreaming about my ideal workstation for awhile so I already have lots of ideas about how I want to set it up. I'm planning on finding a huge wooden desk from Value Village or the Salvation Army ( or maybe kijiji or I have a great tool caddy from Michaels Crafts Store. It's white and holds lots of stuff and spins around.

I want to find interesting containers from Antique Mall, like old pop bottle six pack cases and small glass dishes so that my workstation will be unique and reflect my love of antiques. It will take awhile to get it completely set up but when I do I will post a picture! I would love to hear from my miniature blog followers. What does your workstation look like?

Hugs to all,


  1. Me again! So then I went on to read this article! We have even more in common - I have been an Antiques Dealer for 40 years - only gave up my shop last year and I miss it like crazy! For the last 20 years I had also been dealing in Dollshouses and miniatures, both antique things and modern too. The prospect of your 'Work staion' becoming a reality is really exciting. When I have had time to think it through, I will email you with details of my set up at home, rather than long posts that some people dont like. Good luck with your move!
    Hugs from Annette

  2. Hi Annette!
    Running an Antique shop and dealing in Dollhouses and miniatures must have been a great job! I'm so jealous :) Yes, I'm very excited about moving into a townhouse where I'll have more space.
    The Antique Mall is my "special place" where I go when I'm upset. Wandering through it calms me down, I don't even have to buy anything! I'm planning on slowly acquiring Antique glass and tableware for our home.
    I've really become quite addicted to antiques! I look forward to reading your email.
    Mini Hugs,


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