Thursday, 20 September 2012

How do increase traffic to your blog

I decided this would be a perfect topic for Blogging Tips since I have started to get more followers lately. I would like to begin by welcoming my new Followers: Steve, Kim Stuart-Gregory and Julia. Julia has even started following my Beauty Blog, so extra thanks to Julia :)

Here are my tips:

1) Be willing to take risks in design and be innovative in subject matter. For example, I don't only post when I have a miniature scene to display. My 33 Ways to Be Creative post was very popular, I also like to post about interesting miniatures that have caught my eye. My blogging tips have also been very popular

2) Be clear and concise in your writing style and write in a warm, engaging style that will draw your reader in.

3) Be consistent in how often you post. Lately I have been posting almost everyday because I'm not working. I'm going back to work in October, so we'll see what happens then! Your followers appreciate consistency from you, and knowing roughly how often you post establishes a predictable pattern.

5) Depending on the subject matter of your blog, seek out online groups or forums to connect with  others who share your interests. If you blog about miniatures, you must start following Jazzi Mini's Blog and joining her weekly linky parties! Linky parties give you a chance to submit a thumbnail picture of a project you're working on. It's a chance for you to discover other blogs, and to get your blog noticed. I've seen other linky parties all over the blogosphere.

6) Go to in order to get the Add This tool box. You'll need to register, which is free. If you look at the bottom of my post, you will see little icons for facebook like, pin it, tweet and share. I got this by installing the Add this toolbar.

7) Get out there and connect with other bloggers you admire. This might include leaving a comment on one of their post or sending them an email. As some of my followers know, that's what led them to start following me, much to my surprise. Your comments must be genuine and come straight from the heart. If you are only commenting as a way to try and get someone to start following your blog, that's very transparent and won't work.

8) Last but not least, consider creating an account on If you look in the top left hand corner of my blog, you will see my badge.


  1. Hi! Thanks for all your tips! And thanks for being so nice to me on Etsy!

    I just registered to get Addthis, and I copied the info, but I don't know how or where to paste it in my blog. I'm a little old lady, and I'm doing good to HAVE a blog, FB page, and Etsy shop....believe me! How do I get the addthis toolbar onto my blogs like you have?


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